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PATKOL Industrial Tube Ice Machine has built since 1976  and still developing the machine to be the leader of the industry and designed for tropical climate and for heavy duty work.

PATKOL® Industrial Tube Ice Machine 

PATKOL Industrial Tube Ice Plant - We are on your service setup business

Tube Ice Factory From PATKOL

PATKOL® Industrial Tube Ice Machine

PATKOL has built the PATKOL® tube ice machines since 1976 Tube Ice from PATKOL Tube ice machineand still developing the machine to be the leader of the industry.

PATKOL® tube ice machines are widely use in Thailand. Over 1500 machines are in operation in all over Thailand. PATKOL has also sold over 500 machine to 29 countries all over the world.

PATKOL® tube ice machines are designed for tropical climate and for heavy duty work. Some of PATKOL® tube ice machines  are over 25 years old and still in operation.

PATKOL® tube ice machines are suitable for party ice production. Our new version 2010 is designed to produce ice with low electrical power cost.


1Ice machine-PATKOL- Industrial tube ice machineProduction capacity from 10-100 tons/ 24hr. 
2Ice machine-PATKOL- Industrial tube ice machineStandard tube size 41 mm.OD,available with 38 mm, 32mm,
      25mm and 19mm (micro tube ice).
3Ice machine-PATKOL- Industrial tube ice machineAmmonia/ R22/ environment friendly refrigerant available. 
4Ice machine-PATKOL- Industrial tube ice machineAvailable UL, ASME,U-stamp for pressure vessel certificated.
5Ice machine-PATKOL- Industrial tube ice machineLow energy consumption mean low ice production cost. 

Application of Tube Ice : 

6Ice machine-PATKOL- Industrial tube ice machineBest for Human Consumption, Beverage, Fishing Industry,
      Food Processing, Seafood Processing, Poultry Processing.

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7Ice machine-PATKOL- Industrial tube ice machinePATKOL® Industrial Tube Ice Machine  

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